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My pledge1 to you: always ‘under construction’

Highly respectable and sensible (well, mostly) work-related stuff

   * Work ... :( ... including award-winning and totally wierd acronyms such as BRISBI (and cooling the Earth with crops! really!!), and BRIDGE (climate/carbon cycle modelling and model-data intercomparison thingies research group).
   * Publications, manuscripts, and articles. Yes -- you too can now see peer-reviewed evidence that I do sometimes manage to get out of bed in the morning.
   * Nerdy mygenie GENIE resources, and LTMIP results portals.
   * Conference presentations, including the all-singing all-dancing poster presentations.
   * Miscellaneous research interests, resources, and links.
   * The old faithful CV, an alternative bio for the shorter-of-attention-span, and CVliteTM for anyone who may have been visited by brain-sucking aliens and is in need of some real light-weight reading. Unfortunatey, none of my qualifications hold up to the Gold Standard of CVs.

Somewhat less sensible, personal sort-of stuff. i.e., sue me, not my employer.

   * Web pages from a previous and rather different incarnation, involving scruffy hippies and rather a lot of trees; at least, until someone very unkindly chopped them all down (the trees that is, not the hippies).
   * I was going to put a load of stuff about rock-climbing (how to 'kill yourself with the aid of an inverse square law force of attraction') here, but I couln't be bothered, so you'll have to look it up on Google for yourself.

Inherently random and fundamentally miscellaneous stuff

   * If you are bored, check out this choice selection of the best in way of the bizzarre,
      strange, and just plain out-and-out warped, that the Web has to offer ...
   * ... and if you are really bored, click merrily away here.
   * Or, you could even check out the ... Real World ... whatever that is.

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1 My Pledge To You; if you find this Web site complete in its entirety and are not fully satisified that it is still 'under construction', your TCP/IP packets will be refunded in full. An unfinished page can be found here for your added convenience.

KEY WORDS: yes, another glass of wine please; hello mum; extreme knitting; snowball earth and the quest for the holy grail; used liver for sale (some wear); vote whatever; tony blair picture archive; climate change and real ale; here be dragons, WMD, and the tooth fairy; and underpant knomes for that matter; prince charles; complete gibbering lunatic; is a; so long and thanks for all the fish (tuna)