Professor Peter Haggett CBE ScD FBA

May 16, 2005

Curriculum Vitae


Address: (a) Department of Geography, University of Bristol, University Road, Bristol BS8 1SS. [Tel: 0272-303030] (b) 5, Tun Bridge Close, Chew Magna, Avon BS40 8SU. [Tel: 0275-332780] Born: Somerset, England, 24th January 1933. British citizen. Family: Married. Two sons, two daughters. Six grand-children.


School and College: Open Exhibition to St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, from Dr. Morgan's School, Somerset, 1951. Read Geographical Tripos at Cambridge with First Class Honours in Preliminary, Part I (Philip Lake Prize) and Part II (Philip Lake Prize), 1951-54. Graduate work at Cambridge, 1954-55. Academic degrees: B.A. (Cantab.) 1954, M.A. (Cantab.) 1957, Ph.D. (Cantab.), 1969, Sc.D. (Cantab.) 1985. Honorary degrees, etc.: D.Sc. (York, Canada) 1983, Durham (1989), Copenhagen (1999), UWE (2004); FilDr Helsinki (2003). LL.D. Bristol (1986). Member, Academia Europeae, 1989, Fellowships: Fellow, British Academy, 1992 (Vice President, 1996-98), Hon. Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 1993; University Feloow, Bristol University, 1998. C.B.E., 1993.


University College, University of London: Assistant Lecturer in Geography, 1955-57. University of Cambridge: University Demonstrator in Geography, 1957-62; University Lecturer in Geography 1962-66, Director of Studies for Magdalene, Pembroke, and Trinity College over 1957-66 period; Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, 1963-66; Acting Tutor, 1965, Honorary Fellow, 1994-. University of Bristol: Professor of Urban and Regional Geography, 1966 to present; Head of Department, 1975-80; Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, 1972-74; Pro Vice-Chancellor, 1979-82; Vice-Chancellor (Acting) of the University, 1984-85; Provost, Institute for Advanced Studies, 1994-98; Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Fellow, 1998-.


1960s: Sao Paulo Department of Agriculture, Brazil: Visiting scientist, Taubate basin, Spring 1962. University of California, Berkeley, USA: Visiting Assistant Professor, Summer term 1962. Northwestern University, Evanston, USA: Visiting research fellow at Transportation Centre, Spring term 1966.

1970s: Goteborg University, Royal University of Lund, Umea University, Sweden: British Council Visiting Lecturer, January-February 1970. Aarhus University, DenmarK: Visiting Professor, May 1972. Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sha Tin, Hong Kong: Association of Commonwealth Universities, Adviser to Vice-Chancellor on the establishment and structure of a new Department of Geography, April 1971. Ibadan University, Nigeria: Visiting external examiner, 1971-1973. University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA: Visiting Professor May 1971. University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario: Visiting Professor, Department of Geography and Regional Planning, April 1972. Pennsylvania State University, USA: Visiting Professor, Fall term 1972. Monash University, Melbourne, Australia: Visiting Professor, Spring Term 1976. Toronto University, Canada: Canada Council Fellow, Spring Term 1977. Canterbury University, Christchurch, New Zealand: Erskine Research Fellow, February-April 1979.

1980s: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA: Visiting Professor, April 1980. University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA: Visiting Professor [Brittingham Research Professor], Spring term 1983. University of Cambridge, UK: Visiting Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Summer term 1983. Australian National University, Canberra, Australia: Visiting Research Fellow, Research School of Pacific Studies, Spring Term 1983. Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, USA: Visiting scientist, Statistical advisory division, March-April 1983. National University of Singapore, Singapore: External examiner, 1984-88. University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: External Examiner and Academic Adviser, 1986-89. University of Brunei Darrusalam, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei: External Adviser, 1988-89 .World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland: Visiting scientist, Expanaded Programme on Immunization, September 1989.

1990s: Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, USA: Visiting scientist, Statistical advisory division, March-April 1990. University of Brunei Darrusalam, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei: External Adviser, 1990- . World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland: Visiting scientist, Expanded Programme on Immunization, September 1990, 1994. University of Minnesota, USA: Hill Visiting Professor, Departments of Epidemiology & Geography.


Geography: Nature of geography (Bristol, 1966-present). Environmental geography: Natural resource appraisal (UCL, 1955-57). Geomorphology (Berkeley, 1962). Human Geography: Introduction to human geography (Bristol, 1966-). Locational analysis in human geography (Cambridge, 1957-66). Urban and regional systems (Bristol, 1966- ). Transportation geography (Penn State, 1972). Spatial diffusion (Bristol, 1972- ). Regional Geography: South America (Cambridge, 1958-66). South America (Berkeley, 1962). Pacific Basin (Bristol, 1984 -). Techniques: Map analysis and photogrammetry (UCL & Cambridge, 1955-66). Statistical models in geography (Cambridge & Bristol, 1957-78). Regional forecasting (Penn State, 1972). Spatial optimization (Bristol, 1966-1983).


Philip Lake Fund, University of Cambridge, and Royal Geographical Society, 1955: Field research in Ancora Basin, northern Portugal. University of London Central Research Fund, 1957: Field research in Tagus-Sado basin, central Portugal, and study at the Instituto Nacional de Estatistica, Lisbon. Leverhulme Research Foundation, 1959: Research Fellowship for field research in Serra do Mar, south-east Brazil. Cambridge University Travelling Fund and Royal Geographical Society, 1962: Field research in Serra do Mar, south-east Brazil. Cambridge University Travelling Fund, 1966: Study at Northwestern University Transportation Centre, Evanston, Illinois. Social Science Research Council, 1968: Research award to finance four year research programme at Bristol University on the application of statistical methods to region-building problems. Colston Research Society, 1970: Funds to finance international symposium at Bristol University on regional forecasting. Social Science Research Council, 1975: Research award to finance three-year research programme at Bristol, Cambridge and Warwick Universitities, on the identification and development of spatial forecasting models. Nuffield Foundation, 1978: Funds with Dr. A.D. Cliff (Cambridge University) to finance research at the National Statistics Institute in Reykjavik, Iceland. Social Science Research Council, 1979: Research award with Dr. M.A. Morgan to finance three-year research project on the decline of rural service centres in South West England. Nuffield Foundation, 1981: Funds with Dr. A.D. Cliff (Cambridge University) to undertake Phase II of Reykjavik project (see above). Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and United States National Institute of Health, Atlanta, 1983: Consultancy award with Dr. Keewhan Choi (CDC; Harvard) for advisory work on spatial epidemiological models. Wellcome Trust, 1985: Funds with Dr. A.D. Cliff (Cambridge University) to undertake Phase III of the Reykjavik project (see above). Wellcome Trust, 1988: Historical geography of measles, 1840-1990, with Dr. A.D. Cliff. Royal Society, 1990: Funds for research visit to United States Institute of Health Statistics, Hyatsville, Md. Wellcome Trust, 1991: GIS and epidemiological history , with Dr A.D.Cliff.


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Cambridge Geographical Monographs: Cambridge University Press, occasional. Co-editor, 1971-73, 1978-85. Environment and Planning: International Journal of Urban and Regional Research: Pion, London, monthly. Advisory editor, 1969-83. Geographical Analysis: Ohio State University Press, Columbus, quarterly. Contributing editor, 1969-84. L'Espace Geographique: Doin editeurs, Paris, quarterly. Advisory editor, 1972-. Progress in Geography: International Reviews of Current Research: Edward Arnold, London, occasional. Founding co-editor, 1969-76. From 1977 onwards, this has been replaced by two new quarterly journals, Progress in Physical Geography and Progress in Human Geography. Founding co-editor of both journals, 1977-86; review editor, 1977-80; editorial adviser, 1986-. Geoforum: Editorial Advisory Board, 1975-. Rivista Geografica Italiana: Editorial advisory board, 1978-.


International: United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva: Advisory Committee on Research in Epidemiology and Communications Science, October 1969, June 1971. United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), Geneva: Panel of Senior Officials of National Bodies concerned with Urban and Regional Research, UK Delegate and Rapporteur, Section on Research Methods, Stockholm Conference, April-May 1968. International Geographical Union (IGU): Member of Commission on Quantitative Methods, 1968-76.

National: Social Science Research Council (SSRC), London: Member of Committee on Computers in the Social Sciences, 1971-73. Royal Geographical Society, London: Member of Council, 1971-72, 1977-79, Research Committee, 1976-9. General Register Office, London: Member of the Registrar General's Advisory Committee on the 1971 Census, 1968-71. Centre for Environmental Studies, London (Ford Foundation/Department of the Environment): Governor, 1975-9. University Grants Committee (UGC), London: Member, 1985-, UGC Social Studies Sub-Committee, Member, 1984-89, Chairman, 1985-89. National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), Harwell, Oxon: Member, 1986-93. Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (CVCP), London: Member, Main Committee and Medical Sub-Committee, 1984-85. Wellcome Trust, London: Member, History of Medicine Committee; Chairman, History of Medicine Awards and Grants Panel, 1994-. British Academy: Council, 1994-97; Vive President, 1995-97.

Local and Regional: South West Regional Economic Planning Board (Department of the Environment): Member of Council, 1967-72, Member of Strategy Committee, 1969-72, Chairman of Population Sub-Committee, 1969-72. South West Universities Computer Network: Member of Joint Management Committee, 1970-73. Bristol University Computer Management Committee: Member 1968-73, Chairman, 1970-73. Cambridge University: Board of Electors for Chairs of Geography, 1975- School of Advanced Urban Studies (Department of the Environment and University of Bristol): Management Committee, 1976-85, Acting Chairman, 1980-85. Bristol Municipal Charities: Trustee, 1990-97. Queen Elizabeth's Hospital (f.1590): Governor, 1990-97. Red Maids' Girls School (f.1634): Governor, 1991-97.


International: Prix International de Geographie, 1991 (CNRS and IGU). Laureat d'Honneur, International Geographical Union, Washington, 1992. Plemary Lecture, Glasgow IGU, 2004.

Europe : Academia Europaea: Foundation member in Geography (with Professor Torsten Hagerstrand, Royal University of Lund, Sweden), 1988.

Canada : University of Toronto, Canada: Canada Council Fellowship, 1977. University of York, Canada: Honorary D.Sc. and Spring Commencement Address, 1983.

England : St. Catharine's College, Cambridge: Exhibition, 1951; Scholarship, 1954. University of Cambridge: Philip Lake Prize for Geography, 1953, and for Advanced Geomorphology, 1954. Royal Geographical Society, London: Gill Memorial Award, 1966. Leverhulme Research Foundation, London: Research Fellowship, 1959. University of Bristol: Honorary LL.D., 1986. Royal Geographical Society, London: Patron's Gold Metal, 1986. University of Durham: Honorary D.Sc., 1989. Fellow, British Academy, 1992. C.B.E., 1993. Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, Honorary Fellowship, 1994.

Finland: Institute of Finnish Geographers: Guest Lecturer at Vassa Conference, Finland, October 1976.

Germany: University of Hanover, West Germany: Commemoration Lecturer at 150th Anniversary of the University's foundation, 1981.

New Zealand : University of Canterbury, New Zealand: Erskine Visiting Fellowship, 1979.

Scotland: Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Scottish Gold Medal, 1993.

South Africa : South African Geographical Society, Cape Town: Jubilee Visiting Lectureship, 1969.

Sweden: Svenska Sallskapet for Antropologi och Geografi, Stockholm: Anders Retzius Gold Medal, 1994.

United States of America : American Geographical Society, New York: Cullum Gold Medal, 1969. University of California at Los Angeles: Commemoration Lecturer at UCLA as part of the University's Centenniel Celebration Programme, April 1969. Association of American Geographers, Washington, D.C.: Meritorious Contributions Award, 1973. University of Wisconsin, Madison: Commemoration Lecturer, 50th Anniversary of Geography Department's foundation, 1979. Carl Sauer Memorial Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, 1992. Hill Visiting Professor, Departments of Epidemiology and Geography, University of Minnesota, 1994.

Full family details are given in the standard reference works (viz. Who’s Who, Debrett’s People of Today and Who’s Who in the World ).

Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Queen's Birthday Honours List, June 1993, "...for services to urban and regional geography".

Excluding short visits of one week or less to large number of European and some North American institutes over the period since 1962.

Major lecture courses only. In many cases the titles listed in the university catalogue will have varied slightly from year to year.

Amounts have been left out as, over a span of 40 years they make little sense. They range in size from £ 100 in 1955 to £ 150,000 in 1991.

Selected list only. The posts of Pro-Vice Chancellor and of Vice Chancellor imply membership or chairmanship of most major committees and boards in the University of Bristol and these are largely excluded.

Arranged by countries and by date within countries. The South African award could not be taken up at that time.

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