Image of Jean-Philippe Renaud

Jean-Philippe Renaud

Ingénieur des Mines (Paris 95)

phone: +44 (0) 5602620296

note: JP Renaud is not based full-time at Bristol University and prefers being contacted by email if possible.

Research and teaching interests:
My research focuses on the development and use of numerical models to study a range of environmental problems, with a particular emphasis on groundwater flow and solute transport processes. I currently contribute to the development of water flow and pollutant transport models for Electricité de France (parent company of EDF Energy) to look at the safety of nuclear waste disposal strategies.

I have also a particular interest in looking at landslide and slope stability risk, especially the role of the weather in landslide triggering and vegetation as slope reinforcement.

Selected recent publications:
An up-to-date list of publications is available from my CiteULike page.

Renaud, J-P, Cloke, H and M. G. Anderson. A new coupled model for studying the hyporreic zone and hillslope-Floodplain interactions. In P. Goubesville, J. Cunge, V. Guinot, and S. Y. Liong, editors, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference in Hydroinformatics, volume 1, pages 441–448, September 2006. Research Publishing Services.

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