El Torcal, Spain

Dr David A. Richards

BSc, PhD (Bristol)

Tel: +44 (0)117 92 89828 (office)
Tel: +44 (0)117 95 45494 (lab)
Fax: +44 (0)117 92 87878
e-mail: david.richards@bristol.ac.uk

Member of both the Bristol Research Initiative for the Dynamic
Global Environment (BRIDGE) and the Bristol Isotope Group (BIG).

Main research interests are
1. Quaternary climate change - using speleothems in particular, but also other archives such as bone, coral, ocean crusts, to obtain high-resolution records of past temperatures, sea levels, vegetation change etc.
2. High-precision dating techniques to obtain chronological control on change in the
Earth System (mostly U-series and radiocarbon methods)

Convene/teach Research Methods in Physical Geography (Yr 2) and Quaternary Records (Yr 3), and lead the Mallorca field-trip (Yr 2).

Member of editorial team for new Elsevier journal Quaternary Geochronology


Selected publications
Spötl, C., Mangini, A. and Richards, D. A. (2006) Chronology and palaeoenvironment of Marine Isotope Stage 3 from two high-elevation speleothems, Austrian Alps. Quaternary Science Reviews 25, 1127-1136 [website via doi].

Richards, D.A. and Dorale, J.A. (2003) Uranium-series chronology of speleothems and paleoclimate. U Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 52, 407-460 [request|web access|order]

Beck, J.W., Richards, D.A., Edwards, R.L., Silverman, B.W., Smart, P.L., Donahue, D.L., Hererra-Osterheld, S., Burr, G.S., Calsoyas, L., Jull, A.J.T. and Biddulph, D. (2001) Extremely large variations of atmospheric 14C concentration during the last glacial period. Science 292, 2453-2458. [website via doi]

Cheng, H., Edwards, R.L., Hoff, J.A., Gallup, C.D., Richards, D.A. and Asmerom, Y. (2000). Determination of the half-lifes of 234U and 230Th. Chemical Geology 169, 17-33 [website via doi]

Richards, D.A., Bottrell, S.H., Cliff, R.A. and Strohle, K and Rowe, P.J. (1998) U-Pb dating of a Quaternary-age speleothem, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 62, 3683-3688. [website via doi]